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DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND, our chefs have carefully created a delicious healthy Dining Menu. Our healthy menu has been carefully created using low fat and lower Calories and Fry Light is used to help achieve this. Enjoy!!!

Menu Guide

(V) – Indicates Vegetarian Options
(GF) – Indicates Gluten Free Options
(VG) – Indicates Vegan dietary Options

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have tried to indicate dishes suitable for some specific dietary requirements. If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please let your server know upon placing your order. Every care is taken to avoid any cross contamination when processing a specific allergen free order. We do however work in a kitchen that processes allergenic ingredients and do not have a specific allergen free zone. Wheat and gluten ingredients which are deep fried will use the same fryers in our kitchens as dishes not containing these ingredients – there may be risk of cross contamination which may therefore affect extremely sensitive sufferers.